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Fetlife down? Present fet life com status and problems

Fetlife down? Present fet life com status and problems

Why can’t we access a niche site that Downinspector claims is up and reachable?

It’s most likely the internet site is either being obstructed by the ISP, or your web web web browser settings are steering clear of the web site from loading properly. You will find methods to both these presssing problems by after our guide.

What exactly are status codes?

Each and every time your web browser connects up to a website it is delivered back data through the website referred to as headers. The objective of the headers would be to provide the web web browser information that is important hawaii associated with website. The https status codes because they are often called are handed into the web browser included in these details. And inform the web web browser what’s planning to take place next.

By way of example, in the event that website delivers a http status code of 200 back into the web browser it indicates “OK everything worked, i am going to now show the articles you requested”. But so I can’t display the contents you requested” if it sends back a http status code of 404 it means “NOT FOUND, the requested webpage was not found,.