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We already have seen such X-Ray apps in the past such as Nomao Naked Camera App that is still working fine for many, you can try that. But due to limited resources, the developers of AppValley have only decided to work entirely on iOS devices. Please use the alternative listed above as it provides a similar experience for Android users. Wow so you guys just completely disregard all the android users around the world? Literally the vast majority of people around the world use android over apple, but I guess that doesn’t matter to you guys. I’ll be sure that I never do anything to contribute in any way to the people in charge of developing this app exclusively for Apple. Texting my sister right now to tell her to delete his garbage from her iPhone.

Now open the downloaded APK file and click on the Install button to start the installation. None of the Avatarify APK files for Android are from the original developer of the Avatarify app — Avatarify, Inc or Ali Aliev. While that’s all good, the application is currently only available for iOS devices on the App Store even though some reports claim that it’s available on the Google Play Store as well. is a to-do list, planner & calendar app for managing & organizing your daily tasks, notes, to-do lists, checklists, reminders, grocery, calendar events, & shopping lists etc. You can also take advantage of a small function of is to mail to-do list to private email or Outlook and attach files, photos, Dropbox, or Google Drive link. All of these details are very conducive to modern work.

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Google has some pre-configured emulation options available in the menu for Nexus/Pixel devices, but you can set the parameters manually, too. Once you’ve booted your virtual device, you’ll need to get apps installed, but the emulator is the bone stock open source version of Android — no Google apps included. The file from APK mirror installed without any issues, now I’ve got all the old features back. A fat APK is a single APK that contains binaries for multiple ABIs embedded within it.

  • I’d suggest searching Google to find a specific guide on how to root your phone and also for information on whether the internal audio plugin app works for your phone.
  • Therefore, you can browse for some excellent titles to play.
  • Type Text Adventure in Search and when the results load, press Ctrl+Shift+J to reveal a hidden menu.
  • Here you can stream the screen of your Android device.
  • A mobile-centric app like Snapchat highlights a good chunk of the appeal here.

Unplug your phone from computer, change another USB cable or USB port, redownload USB Driver and enable USB Debugging on the device. This will usually open Google Play, where you can click “Install” to get the app. Before installing an emulator on your machine, make sure it meets required by the emulator specifications like processor speed and RAM. Alternatively, APKs of most free apps can be found on 3rd-party app marketplaces.

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This Grocery and Pharmacy delivery appis similar in functionality to the food delivery app. Both this app and the food delivery app were created by the same developer, so they use the same underlying technology.

The Android integration isn’t quite there yet, and there are plenty of other fantastic, equally powerful, and even more affordable Chromebooks on the market. The pen takes advantage of a new algorithm Google developed that predicts where your hand is going. This reduces the lag between the stroke and what shows up on screen. Right now, the prediction model is only available in Google Keep, a to-do list and note taking app, but the team is providing the stylus API to both web apps and Android apps. Google Keep can also sort of recognize your handwriting, so you can search for your notes (as long as you have decent "digitizer pen-"menship). Processors typically aren’t very good in Chromebooks.

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However, if the Play Store says that “This app isn’t compatible with your device”, then download the APK from below and combine them using using an app called Split Installer. As it is a streaming service, it comes with some supporting packages called config files. Here in this tutorial we will show you how to install Disney+ APK on any Android device regardless of the location or country you are currently residing in. This is also helpful if you are beta testing a software for Android or your Android TV doesn’t have Play Store. This game is absolutely free for every Fortnite lover to download it in their android and iOS devices without any kind of charges.