How Many Years Does Lasik Last

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses (LASIK) is a surgical strategy that is cable of improving your eyesight. It can reshape the tissue that is in front of your eye permanently, and the changes can last for your whole lifetime.

Although, most of the person’s eyesight eventually get worse as they age because it is a portion of the usual aging process.

LASIK cannot prevent that, which means your sight might again become blurry as you age. The period in which these changes should occur is determined by the age you are when you get LASIK or if you have any other issues affecting your eyesight.

LASIK After 40

American refractive surgery council highlights that your eyesight may eventually change if the initial eye vision disorder – your hyperopia, myopia (nearsightedness), or blurry sight (astigmatism) continues to develop. This growth may cause your eyesight to change.

Also, presbyopia is another popular reason that can cause your eyesight to change. Presbyopia occurs as you get older, and your lens becomes less able to focus on objects close to you or can also become less flexible.

The time which LASIK can last is according to the age you are when you have lasik vs.lasek and the progress of the eye condition. The majority of individuals who have LASIK enjoy their eyesight after a period of ten years.According to particular research, thirty-five percent of people who had LASIK required medication over ten years.


Another research focused on people who suffered from astigmatism or/and nearsightedness who had LASIK. In twelve years, they noted that nearly ten percent of the research partakers experienced growth-related eyesight changes during the course of that period.

In case your eyesight becomes blurred again because of some other reasons after your initial procedure, you might be capable of having LASIK improvement even after some years. It only depends on how the eye was treated during the initial procedure and how much of the tissue is left.