Mississippi Payday Loan Near Me

i have a loan that is payday Mesa Financial, i been p

i have a loan that is payday Mesa Financial, i been p

we have a pay day loan with Mesa Financial, i been paying $90 any other week for love year now. been looking to get in touch with them. but no response i only lent $300. nevertheless they keep using the $90.

Im presently in a dispute using them at this time. They took 200 dollars over the things I owed them until i finally caught it. My bank place an end payment in collections on them and now they are attempting to put me. There clearly was currently no telephone number or email contact for them. Be warned now. they have been thieves.

Because they want their money if I were yall, call your bank and pay the fee to stop the payment for mesa which is cheaper than the 90, and believe me they will contact you. Then work a payment arrangement out together with them.

I simply took down that loan using them. We haven’t had any problems at the time of yet, but We have alerted my bank and Insurance Commissioner during my state of Florida.