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DEAR ABBY: Man with reputation for cheating is caught on ’Hook-up’ web web sites

DEAR ABBY: Man with reputation for cheating is caught on ’Hook-up’ web web sites


DEAR ABBY: i recently learned my hubby of 18 years is planning to “hook-up” internet sites. He claims he had been simply studying the photos, but I do not believe him. We have caught him cheating twice in past times, so it is difficult to trust him.

My problem is, he understands i can not keep him because i’ve no task, no skills, no cash — absolutely absolutely nothing. We went right from my moms and dads’ household to coping with him after our wedding. We now have six children plus one on your way. He can continue steadily to head to these internet sites I am stuck because he knows. Exactly What do I need to do? — SOON-TO-BE MOM OF SEVEN

DEAR SOON-TO-BE MOTHER OF SEVEN: the very first thing you have to do is visit your physician and become checked for STDs. If you’re well, thank your greater energy. If you’ren’t, get treatment, get well and keep in touch with legal counsel. Your circumstances might not be as hopeless as you might think.

Perhaps you have any relatives or buddies it is possible to stick to whenever you leave, replace your life and be self-supporting? It might need task time and training, but please think over it.

We question your spouse could have much time for philandering in addition to his job if he has six kids to take care of by himself. We also doubt that few, if any, ladies he could be starting up with would welcome becoming the immediate mom of six. Plus one more thing, to any extent further, please usage birth prevention.

DEAR ABBY: i have already been divorced for three decades. During this time, my ex-wife has hardly ever talked in my opinion, as well as in the very last a decade stated not merely one term in my opinion. There has been occasions that are many occasions within my son’s house to commemorate my granddaughter’s birthday, etc. My ex and several other folks attend, but essentially, no body talks for me.