Here on KC5Stars, we aim to make Kansas City the most well-reviewed city on trusted online shopping sites.

We understand the shift towards e-commerce and online shopping among consumers that is why we want to market our local products in these sites and let people know that they are worth every dollar that they spend. Through the initiative of Mayor Sly James, who purchased 1,000 locals products and provided reviews for them on online shopping sites, Kansas City is now on its way to achieving this feat. It takes a whole city to boost its economy. There are so many products and services that Kansas City can be proud of. Everyone is encouraged to support local even if they are using the internet as a platform for their shopping.

If you are a consumer (well, all of us are), then you should read the reviews featured here.

These reviews are based on actual and personal experiences so you can be sure of the authenticity of their testimony.

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The things we do best


It helps to do some research before you buy a product and knowing what other people have to say about the product that you want to buy will let you know if it is worth it.


We do our best to be unbiased and impartial. For us, it is all about providing honest reviews and feedbacks about the products and services that we availed so that other people will know what to expect.


We want you to be able to manage your expectations and avoid the feeling of disappointment over expectation vs. reality.


Our honest evaluation of the products and services that we have personally tried makes KC5Stars among the most trusted review sites on the internet today.

Promote Local Industry

As we are promoting the local industry, we are also helping consumers in making wise decisions and informed choices. KC5Stars encourages you to send your own reviews about the products and services you have tried. For example, where can we find the best garage doors in Kansas City?

We will all post them here so that Kansas people will know which ones to purchase or avail of. There is indeed no better proof of a company’s credibility and value than the ones provided by the consumers themselves.

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Let us show the rest of America that Kansas City has what it takes to lead the market. We have the best products and services that would meet every need and want.

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We believe in excellent quality and we will hold all local businesses in Kansas City accountable for providing quality products and services to everyone. There is no room for mediocrity.

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Kansas City is the best

We are a city that excels and that is manifested in the products and services that we offer on the internet. KC5Stars envisions Kansas City to be an All-Star and Five-Star City in every aspect. We will dominate e-commerce and online shopping. In the end, this is our appeal: For businesses, make your products and services the best in the market. For consumers: Please support local.

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